About us



Laetitia Sernaglia was born in France, and spent most of her youth in the States, between Los Angeles and New York. Laetitia is accustomed to traveling the world. After attending an International Business School in France she moved back to the States. While working in the fashion industry in NY for many years, Laetitia decided to continue her worldly explorations. In 2004, she moved to a small island in Honduras (Utila), where she and Matthieu met.

Matthieu Foudraine was born and raised in Holland. Matthieu traveled to Bonaire for his first diving experience in 1992. Matthieu has also globe trotted just about everywhere before, during and after his education.

Both Matthieu and Laetitia traveled extensively together throughout Central America and Asia, ending up their tour on Kho Phi Phi in Thailand. Three days before the Tsunami arrived...both decided to return to Bonaire for a family holiday, and spent the following year as dive instructors... finally choosing to make Bonaire their permanent home.

Blachi Koko is a synthesis of Matthieu and Laetitia's worldly travels and their love of Bonaire's easy going lifestyle. A beautiful colonial property that retains the spirit of their worldly meanderings combined with their appreciation of the beautiful Caribbean life Bonaire offers all its visitors.

Since February 2020 Matthieu & Laetitia decided it was time for a new face at Blachi Koko since they are traveling between Bonaire & Holland. Fenna Dietzel started and is since then the daily smile guests of Blachi Koko & Pelican's Nest will see. She has been living in the Caribbean with her partner since beginning 2018 but on Bonaire since April 2019 and calls Bonaire her new home eversince she landed. Fenna likes to go on adverntures on Bonaire in her free time so she is able to give you advice about what to do and where. She will make sure you don't miss out on any of the special Bonaire experiences! Fenna will assist you with the same amount of love and attention Matthieu & Laetitia have always done so the filosophy of Blachi Koko remains te same! 

We happily welcome all nationalities to visit Blachi Koko and trust their fluency with languages (Dutch, French, Spanish, German and English) and knowledge of the Island to provide a welcome and unique experience to everyone.