Where is Bonaire and how do I get there?

Bonaire is located 50 miles (80km) north of Venezuela and 86 miles (94 km) east of Aruba, in the southern Caribbean. It is part of the "ABC" island chain, outside of the hurricane belt. The island of Bonaire is 24 miles long (38.6 km) and 3-5 miles (4.8-8 km) wide, 112 sq. miles (180 sq km) in area. +/- 12,000 people. The island is relatively flat, quite arid, with easternly trade winds. Bonaire operates on Atlantic Standard Time, but no daylight savings changes.

There are several ways to come to Bonaire depending on your departing country.

From North America: United Airlines offers direct flights from Newark and Houston. Delta Airlines offers direct flights from Atlanta. Insel Air operates a weekly flight from Miami. Other airlines such as American Airlines, offer one-stop flights via Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Aruba and Curacao.

From South America: Both Insel Air, and Bon Air offer services to a variety of South American cities via connections. Additionally, there are many South American national carriers which offer service to either Aruba or Curacao, where travelers can then pick up connections to Bonaire via local carriers.

From Europe: KLM and TUI offer direct flights from Amsterdam to Bonaire.

High vs Low Season and the best time to visit? temperature range?

Bonaire's average temperature is 82° F (30° C) and 75% relative humidity. The average water temperature is 80° F (29° C). Rainfall averages 22" (52.8 cm) per year, with average windspeed of 15 mph (25 kph).

High Season (Winter/ Spring): Dec 15- Apr.14
Low Season (Summer/ Fall): Apr. 15- Dec. 14
Windy Season: May until August
Rainy Season: November until January

What languages are spoken?

Papiamentu (local language), Dutch, English and Spanish

What currency is used?

The US dollars is used in all businesses. Traveler's checks and credit cards are also widely accepted.

Local shopping and groceries?

supermarkets such as Bondigro, Van den Tweel and Warehouse are a 10 to 15 minute walk from the apartments.

You will find most shopping stores, restaurants and bars located in town, a short 5 minute walk.

What should I not bring?

Blachi Koko Apartments will provide you with linen and towels. We provide sheets, blankets and extra pillows in all the bedrooms. We provide towels as well as beach towels. The kitchen is fully equipped: kitchen towel, full range refrigerator, microwave, stove, coffeemaker, toaster and complete cooking supplies and utensils.


Please note that beginning July 1, 2022 (CHANGE TO BE EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER JULY 1), you will be required to pay a tourist entry tax of $75 per person per visit to Bonaire. This is not a new or additional tax; it is simply replacing what was formerly known as the island's 'room tax' and rental 'car tax' and was previously collected directly through accommodations and providers. The tax will apply to all non- residents 13 and older entering Bonaire. Non-residents aged 12 and under and residents of the former Netherlands Antilles arriving to the island will be required to pay a $10 per visit fee. The mandatory tax will be paid digitally via an online platform or upon arrival at the airport.